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We are pleased to invite you for the New Year's Eve party in our Restaurant. As every year we have prepared delicious food, highlander shows, competitions with prizes and excellent fun accompanied by the highlander band and music from CDs. Meeting in front of a Restaurant ul. Krupówki 1at 7 pm, a drive on the sleigh ride with torches during which we will warm up withthehighlander tea (with spirit) the drive will be accompanied by our local highland band. (Depending on the weather, sleigh ride will take place on sledge or horse carriages)
Anticipated return around 8 pm - beginning of a party
Menu for the evening:
Starter - highland dumplings stuffed with tomato cream, 40 ml of Nalewka Żurawinowa (cranberry liqueur)
Soup made of saffron milk cup with batter noodles
Main course:
Veal fillets with cream sauce with spinach, potato dumplings, grilled vegetables
Meringue cake with fruits sprinkled with Advocate liqueur
On the tables after dinner:
Sausage and regional cheese plates
Cheese sticks
Grilled plums rolled with bacon
Poultry jellies
Two types of salads
Dips for meat
Fruits, homemade cakes
After midnight:
Barberry soup prepared from sheep meat, bread
Main course:
Smoked pork ham (sliced in front of guests), whole baked potato with butter, pickled cucumber and horseradish sauce
Soft drinks and spirits:
Sparkling white wine 0.75 l/per four people
Open bar - without limit
Pure vodka Soplica, Cherry liqueur, lemon liqueur, plum liqueur 38%, white and red table wine, Okocim beer (draught), mulled beer and wine. Pepsi, mineral water, 7Up, Mirinda, tonic, juices, coffee, tea

Other spirits availableupon payment at the restaurant service.
Total price PLN 550/per person, children up to 10 years - PLN 300 (there is no alcohol included in the menu)
Option - without sleigh ride 450 PLN/per person, children up to 10 years - PLN 250 (beginning of the party - 8 pm)

 Method of payment; deposit of 50% of the amount – by bank transfer on the account:

REMO Sp. z o.o. Companywith a note: “IMPREZA W GAZDOWO KUŹNIA 31.12.2017”
Bank Zachodni WBK S.A.
Account number: 47 1090 2053 0000 0001 2025 4730
International transfers details:
IBAN: PL47 1090 2053 0000 0001 2025 4730

The remaining partpaid in cash before the sleigh ride on the day of the New Year's Eve Party.
Contact - GSM: +48 609-098-003
Every day from 9 am to 10 pm

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are pleased to announce that our restaurant has received Certificate "Małopolska Regional inn 2013" project "Małoposla route Gourmets".
We have the pleasure of inviting you to "Gazdowo Kuźnia". Our restaurant is located in one of the oldest buildings in Zakopane (built in 1891), at the site of the first hotel in the town called "Pod Giewontem?. The restaurant of this hotel was in the same place as "Gazdowo Kuźnia".
The stylish decor is connected with a rich highlander tradition. The special cuisine based on unique local recipes, as well a centuries old tradition of Polish cooking are great attractions.
One of the restaurant's specialities served in many different ways is a whole roasted pig and served with aromatic wine sauce, as well as (Gazda style) knuckle of pork in beer sauce, grilled joints of pork, highlander tea and many other treats from the Podhale region. As well as regional dishes, we also recommend traditional Polish dishes and traditional home-cooking.

Pork knuckle the farmer's way
The recipe and process of preparation of the pork knuckle is our closely guarded secret All we can reveal is that it is marinated in herbs and vegetables, thereafter cooked in beer with miscellaneous seasonings and spices. We serve it both with cold sauces and hot beer sauce.

Roast pork ribs
Pork rib roasted in honey and herbs sauce Aromatic and succulent served with cold sauces as well as hot sweet and sour. We recommend it wholeheartedly and wish you bon appetite

We cater for different occasions: receptions, communion, christenings, group outings, firms, and functions.
For these occasions, we offer a special menu like, for example - "BIESIADA GÓRALSKO" (Highlander Feast).
With three days notice can take orders for meals which we prepare at the client's specific request.
- Pork ham with the skin on (served both cold as a snack as well as hot with an aromatic wine sauce) Price for 1 kg - 45,00 zł
- Roasted whole pig served with wine sauce Price for 1 kg - 40,00 zł
- Roasted lamb Price for 1 kg - 50,00 zł
- leg of lamb Price for 1 kg - 90,00 zł

Catering services
Our firm also caters for all kinds of outdoor occasions (bonfire, sledging, garden parties). During the winter, we invite you for mountain sledging with fire-torches and the option of roasted pig or lamb around a traditional mountain fire-place. In the summer, we organise outdoor parties, dances around fire with mountain music to traditional mountain music. We invite you to make use of our services. We guarantee pleasant and professional service as well as an unforgettable experience.

ul. Krupówki 1
34-500 Zakopane
tel/fax. 18 20 172 01; +48 609 098 003